About Us

VINSON® Acoustics was born in the professional installation market, designed for the custom integrator, and perfected to deliver top notch sound at affordable prices. A DirectConnect® Dealer in the early 90’s was installing home AV systems in large custom homes in The Woodlands, Texas using a top dollar brand that sought top dollar pricing without matching quality, and he asked why audio could not be both affordable, high quality, and exciting. We listened to the speaker he was using and found that we could engineer a superior sounding product, at an excellent price point that we designed for custom integrators. It took almost a full year and multiple prototypes to get the first speaker to market. The result was our first in-wall and in-ceiling offering.

After the stamp of approval, we introduced the DirectConnect® speaker brand, later renaming the line in honor of the founder, CJ Provenzano’s Mother, Ruth Vinson Provenzano. Ruth’s artistic passion inspired her life’s work as an artist and matches what we want the energy Vinson® Brand came to represent.

Later on, the line expanded to in-wall, in-wall surrounds and, recently, we entered into the commercial / professional market with our 70 volt line-up of indoor / outdoor, in-ceiling, and pendant speakers, as well as controls and accessories.

Want a brand that has the quality and performance of a tier one speaker with affordability of a private brand and no internet competition? Try VINSON® – we have the acoustical line up for you and the program to make it easy to test drive. Our programs include builder / showroom pricing and employee accommodation offers. We believe in the custom installer as our company was born in this channel, and we stand by our pledge to stand by our product and support our dealers and distributors deliver top valued audio and accessible prices.